The finance and administration sector is currently one of the most widely recruiting domains in Quebec. Payroll specialists fall into this category, currently in high demand throughout the region. Also known as the payroll administrator, they are responsible for managing and distributing pay slips within a company. They may also come under the titles of personnel manager or staff administrator because they take care of all the technical and administrative procedures for employees. The payroll specialist can be linked to the accounting department, human resources team, or be part of an independent accounting firm. 

There’s a lot more to a payroll specialist than just that! Our team of experts at Fed Finance will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting profession.

26 July 2022 • FED Finance • 3 min

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The main role of a payroll specialist

The payroll specialist is in charge of processing payroll, distributing pay slips, organizing employee performance indicators and general staff administration. Sometimes, their role also includes the monitoring of employee wellbeing

To carry out their tasks effectively, they collect, analyse, and maintain personnel files and information on a database. This allows them to easily issue pay slips and optimize employees’ salaries appropriately. 

The payroll specialist is an integral part of a company. They are responsible for preparing work contracts, managing work absences and processing annual leave. They address and resolve any issues related to staff payroll and wellbeing and are constantly in communication with both the management team and the subordinate employees.

What does a payroll specialist do?

Being a key pillar of the company, the payroll specialist is often attached to the human resources department, since their tasks mainly concern managing staff. 

Their responsibilities include:

  • The provision of administrative information

  • Management of payroll declarations

  • Management of social rules and conventions (working hours, remuneration, vacations, etc.)

  • Organization of payroll databases 

  • Management of staff, in particular explaining how pay slips work, providing information and advice to employees

What is the salary of a payroll specialist?

The salary of a payroll specialist is $65,000 per year on average, which equates to $33.33 per hour. This amount fluctuates according to your experience, your level of training, and the size of the company you are working for. Feel free to negotiate your salary with your employer.

What training is required to be a payroll specialist?

To work as a payroll specialist, you must be able to show proof that you have been trained in accounting, finance, or another related field. A DEC (Diploma of College Studies) in these three sectors is recommended to have every chance of landing the job of your dreams.

Mastery of the French and English language is highly desirable if you want to work in Quebec. For this role, it is also recommended that you have a good understanding of payroll management software such as SAP and Excel.

However, if you don’t have a lot of training in these areas, don’t let that deter you. Some companies are willing to give a chance to candidates who have no prior training or experience in the finance sector.

What qualities and skills do I need to be a payroll specialist?

To become a payroll specialist and perform well in the role, candidates must be able to manage employee relations, both within the management and sales teams. They need to work well under pressure and easily adapt to different scenarios.

The qualities and skills to demonstrate during a payroll specialist interview:

  • Discretion

  • Communication

  • Independence 

  • Initiative 

  • Flexibility

  • Adaptability

Fed Finance helps you find a payroll specialist job in Quebec

If working as a payroll specialist seems like the perfect fit for you, we advise you to apply to the job of your dreams now so that no one beats you to it! Consider your best qualities, update your resume, and dive right in! What have you got to lose? 

To help you land a job as a payroll specialist, the Fed Finance team is at your disposal! Whether it be advice on improving your resume, help writing your covering letter, or putting you in touch with a suitable company, we are there to assist you. Contact us now if you have any unanswered questions about the payroll specialist profession or feel free to consult our list of payroll job offers.