As a major player in recruitment, Fed Finance is committed to measuring the impacts of its decisions and activities not only on society and the environment, but also on the candidates it meets, Fed Group employees, the partners with whom it works and its clients. Fed Finance fulfils its social responsibility through three types of commitments:


As human resource professionals, both our candidates and clients can rest assured of our respect of non-discrimination rules in our internal and external recruitment processes.

All Fed Group consultants who join the company must read and agree to the rules set out in our ESG Commitment Charter. Fed Group is also a member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS), guaranteeing respect for the principles of integrity, professionalism and ethics in carrying out our work.

During their orientation, our advisors complete a specific awareness-raising module led by an external instructor, which includes a presentation of the legislation in force, training in drafting a job listing and subsequent interview report and training on how to handle discriminatory requests.


Fed Finance is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to conducting its business activities in a way that respects human rights, labour standards and the environment, and is anti-corruption.

Our commitments are listed in our Moral Commitment Charter, which is submitted to all our suppliers. To ensure the longevity of our business relations, we ask them to sign it and thus commit to taking a responsible approach alongside us.


Every day, we strive to promote and respect essential social principles for our permanent and temporary employees: human rights, fair working conditions, equality, skills development, job security and fighting discrimination in hiring are at the heart of our ESG policy.

Are you looking for a work partner committed to respecting the principles of environmental preservation? We have taken concrete measures as a recruitment firm and staffing agency to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint:

  • Responsible management of our waste
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions generated by our fleet of vehicles
  • Control of our water and energy consumption

Looking to collaborate with a company that is steadfastly committed to worthy causes and solidarity actions? Each year, Fed Group, its recruitment advisors and its team of business partners support initiatives with values that we share (participation in charitable sports events, donations to social and support structures). We also offer our services to charitable organizations completely free of charge through our pro bono offer, to strengthen their teams and support them in the pursuit of their actions benefitting Montréal communities.