Creating meaningful connections, one professional opportunity at a time. That’s what motivates our team of advisors every morning!

Looking to advance your career in a work setting whose motto is daring and excellence? Join us! Fed Group is a large group of recruitment advisors based in Montréal, but also in France, Switzerland, the Ivory Coast, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

We are driven by the core values of excellence, commitment, daring and respect. These convictions guide us daily, both during internal activities and in meetings with our candidates and partner companies.

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Want to embark on a human-oriented adventure and craft a meaningful professional story? Join us! The mission of our HR team and team leaders is to ensure the professional fulfillment of all our recruitment advisors and business partners.

Over the last few years, Fed Group has reached several inspiring milestones: opening of international offices, opening of new firms in the Greater Montréal area, recruitment managers becoming senior recruitment advisors, and regional and international professional mobility. The possibilities are endless and we trust our employees to create or seize opportunities!

Looking for a work experience that offers memorable connections, both with talented professionals looking for a job and with teams and companies that contribute to a booming Quebec economy each day? Join us on the Fed Group adventure!

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Interested in becoming a recruitment advisor or joining our team of business partners? Discover our process.

Given that we promise responsiveness to our partner companies, you can expect the same when we recruit for ourselves. Simply put, you won’t have to undergo a lengthy process.

When you apply for a job with us, if your profile is a match, you will attend a maximum of two interviews. Their aim is simple: to help you decide if your professional goals are in line with ours. And vice versa, of course!

We will eventually ask you to fill out an AssessFirst questionnaire, which you can do from home. We use this tool as a complement to our interviews, to validate that your expectations and your future team leader’s management style are compatible.

If the interview goes well and you accept our offer, you can start as soon as possible. Or later, if you need to give notice. We’re flexible!

Interested in recruitment consulting? It’s your time to shine! We look forward to having you on our team!

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