Are you interested in working in the finance and accounting industry in Quebec? Do you enjoy developing financial strategies and helping large and small businesses succeed? A career as a financial controller could be right for you!

04 March 2021 • FED Finance • 2 min


Find out more about the financial controller profession in Quebec.

The role of a financial controller

The role of a financial controller is to determine a company's global financial strategies and help managers optimize profitability.

In larger companies, financial controllers may be given the title of CFO. In SMEs, they often have a wider range of responsibilities that can include accounting and administration.

Here are a financial controller’s main tasks and duties:

  • Defining budget objectives
  • Developing management and monitoring tools and making sure they are used properly
  • Cost breakdown
  • Preparing budgets and financial statements
  • Compiling and analyzing the company’s financial activities and following up with management
  • Monitoring discrepancies between projected and achieved objectives
  • Conducting financial feasibility studies
  • In some cases, performing tasks related to human resources (ex: training, hiring and supervising staff)

Skills and aptitudes needed for a career as a financial controller

There are certain hard and soft skills candidates need in order to find work as a financial controller in Quebec:

  • Excellent accounting skills and mastery over the main accounting software programs
  • Familiarity with the company’s industry
  • Ability to analyze and process accounting and financial information and develop strategies
  • Diligence and eye for detail
  • Leadership and autonomy
  • Organization and communication with both colleagues and superiors

Education needed to become a financial controller

In Quebec, candidates hoping to find work as a financial controller must have a bachelor's degree in business administration, economics or commerce.

Employers may look for professionals who also have a Master’s degree in business administration or another relevant field.

For some positions, professional accounting certification may also be required (CPA, CA, CMA or CGA).

Financial controller salary in Quebec

At entry level, a financial controller in Quebec can expect to make between $75,000 and $85,000 a year. Financial controllers with more experience can earn up to $130,000 a year, depending on the position.

Find work as a financial controller with Fed Finance

Being a financial controller is a very interesting career path for people who want to work in finance.

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