Interviews are one of the most stressful parts of looking for a job. You feel pressure to present your best self to your potential employer, and it can be difficult to know whether the interview is going well or not. 

26 August 2022 • FED Group • 4 min


To help you feel more at ease during your next interview, our team presents 7 signs of a successful job interview that are easy to recognize.

1. The interview feels like a casual conversation

The first sign that an interview is going well is when it starts to feel like a casual conversation. Of course, your interviewer will ask you the usual interview questions about your skills and experience, but they may stray towards less formal topics after hearing your answers.

If you notice that the conversation is flowing and the interviewer is trying to put you at ease, that may be a good sign!

2. The recruiter uses positive vocabulary and gestures

As someone looking for a job in accounting or finance, it’s important to pay attention to your body language and choose your words carefully in order to present yourself well in an interview.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the words and body language of the person interviewing you. You may notice some signs that your interview is going well.

For example, a recruiter who thinks you are a good candidate will tend to use the word “when” rather than “if” and speak in the future tense (e.g. “When you start, you will be working here”).

Your interviewer’s gestures can be just as telling. If they are receptive to what you’re saying, you may notice them nodding their head in agreement or moving their hands and arms enthusiastically.

3. Employee benefits are mentioned

If a recruiter is less interested in your application, they are unlikely to mention the employee benefits and perks that come with the job.  

Conversely, if they want to hire you, you’ll notice that they start touting the advantages of working for the company. Benefits are a major factor to consider when choosing who you work for, so recruiters may mention them in order to entice good candidates and show their interest.

4. The interviewer gives you a tour of the office and introduces you to members of the team

If the interviewer gives you a tour of the office and introduces you to members of the team after the interview is finished, that is a very good sign. It means that the company wants to make you feel at home and show you that their work environment is pleasant and welcoming.

If the recruiter has no intention of hiring you, why take the time to give you a tour?

5. The job interview is long and detailed

Another convincing sign of a successful interview is its length. Generally, the more questions the interviewer asks you, the more interested they are.

Recruiters tend to be very busy. If they take the time to go into detail about your work history, they are seriously considering your candidacy.

6. The recruiter explains the next steps of the hiring process in detail

When a recruiter is unsure about a candidate after an interview, they tend to be vague about the next steps of the hiring process. Conversely, if they’re interested, they will most likely hint that you can expect to receive good news.

For example, they might say that they will contact you in the coming days to talk about next steps. They may also mention a second interview, which is another good sign.

7. You receive a quick, positive response to your follow-up email

Finally, if you receive a quick, enthusiastic response to the follow-up email you send after your interview, you can be sure that the recruiter is interested. Recruiters have busy schedules and don’t always take the time to answer follow-up emails. If they answer, it's because they want you to know that they are seriously considering you as a future employee.

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We hope that our little guide on the signs of a successful job interview will help you feel a bit less stressed as you approach your next interview.

Of course, recruiters may not show all of these signs during your interview, even if they are interested. However, if you keep them in mind, you can get a better idea of how your interview is going.

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