The human partner to your success

Our business primarily involves making connections. Every day, we have the pleasure of meeting new people, each with a unique background, career path and professional experience. As a specialized, independent recruitment firm, the reason we have practiced our profession with such enthusiasm in the Greater Montréal area since 2015 is above all because we believe in these connections and in the opportunities they create.

When we opened in 2001, we opted for an innovative model: 100% specialized permanent and temporary recruitment. Today, we remain convinced of the value of ultra-specialization. We are fuelled by the simple notion that your Fed recruiter has extensive knowledge of your profession and its challenges, for every segment of the job market.

Fed Finance

We are aware that for every opportunity, many are called but few are chosen. That’s why we view recruitment as an artisanal profession that requires know-how, experience and interpersonal skills. As every recruitment process is unique, we carefully select talented candidates and ensure that their experience is rewarding and positive, no matter the outcome.

The world is changing fast and the job market is changing with it.

These days, companies have to make every effort to retain talent, continue to train their employees and attract new ones, while professionals have to navigate the new job market, with its new work methods, expectations and needs.

Since our foundation, we have chosen to offer a specialized, success-based recruitment model. By relying on the expertise of our advisors and the best technological innovations on the market, we have become your go-to human partner for recruiting talent.

We create meaningful connections.

In joining the Fed Group teams, you will be contributing to the Greater Montréal job market each day. We support the talented professionals of today and tomorrow in their job search, and our clients in their quest for success. You will also be creating meaningful connections between people. We place our expertise at your service to create mutually beneficial opportunities, advance projects and bring together people with similar visions of the future.

We do our job enthusiastically and responsibly.

For Fed Group advisors, recruitment is above all an artisanal profession that requires know-how, experience and interpersonal skills. And because every project is unique, we carefully select the best candidates and ensure an experience that is as positive and rewarding as possible, from first contact to the start of their new job.

The Fed trademark represents specialized, fair and responsible recruitment, with a focus on human connections, added value and close relationships.

We believe that every connection holds opportunity.