The "work experience" section is one of the most important parts of the curriculum vitae. When applying for a new job, this section of the resume is carefully reviewed by recruiters and employers.

23 January 2020 • FED Group • 2 min


This short summary of your career path can tip the scales towards getting a job interview. Are you interested in a job in IT, but wondering if you need to include all of your work experience on a CV? We can help you!

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Including all your work experience on a CV: not always!

Although the work experience section is of great interest to recruiters, it is not necessary to include all the information in a CV. In fact, listing all your work experience is not always beneficial, as some of it may not be relevant to the job you are seeking.

For example, the experience gained during a student job contributes to your personal development, but it may not always be relevant from a career perspective. In this case, rather than mentioning the student job, it makes more sense to mention the skills developed during the work.

Not all experiences have equal value, so be sure to include the ones that increase your chances of getting a job in a specific sector.

Focus on essential and relevant work experience

When writing your CV, you should focus on professional experience that is essential and relevant to the job you are applying for. The recruiter will probably read your CV fairly quickly. Therefore, emphasizing the most important information will help the recruiter to better discern your background.

If you apply for a job in the IT sector, it would be a good idea to mention your previous jobs related to this sector in your resume. If you have not worked in this field, include any transferable skills or qualifications you may have for the position in question.

What if you have little or no work experience?

When applying for a position, candidates are expected to include past work experience. However, when your experience is lacking, or when you are a junior candidate, it may be worthwhile to include some non-work history.

An internship, community activities and even volunteer work are experiences that are well regarded on a resume. Employers and recruiters will react positively to reading this information, since these activities are a first step towards the professional world.

Include the right work experience on a CV and get the job you want

In short, you do not have to include all of your professional experience when writing your CV. The important thing is to highlight your skills and knowledge as it relates to the position you are applying for.

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