Job searching is never easy, but it can be particularly complicated during pregnancy. People who are pregnant may be hesitant to apply for jobs for fear of being discriminated against due to their condition.

20 July 2021 • FED Group • 2 min


Do you need to disclose your pregnancy during a job interview? What are your legal rights and obligations?

Our recruiters shed light on the situation in this article.

What the law states about pregnancy discrimination

In Quebec, there is no law that requires pregnant people to disclose their condition during a job interview. They are therefore free to do as they see fit.

The reality is that candidates who inform potential employers that they are pregnant are at risk of discrimination. Many employers are reticent to hire someone who is pregnant, because a replacement will be needed as soon as their parental leave begins.

Fortunately, the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse exists to protect people from all kinds of discrimination. It clearly states that discrimination based on pregnancy is not permitted under any circumstances, including job interviews (section 10, Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms). Among other things, this prohibits employers and recruiters from asking anyone if they are pregnant or planning to become pregnant during an interview.

Employers who discriminate against a candidate due to pregnancy may face material, moral and punitive damages.

When is the best time to disclose your pregnancy to a potential employer?

Although no one is obligated to disclose their pregnancy during a job interview, some prefer to do so for the sake of transparency.

If you want to disclose your condition, when is the best time to do it?

Most people who decide to tell recruiters about their pregnancy do so a little later in the hiring process. That way, they have a chance to get a sense of the workplace and assess whether they feel at ease with the employer.

If you are truly interested in a position and the work environment meets or exceeds your expectations, it’s probably best to disclose your pregnancy to the employer before you receive a formal offer.

The professionals at Fed Finance can help you through the hiring process

If you are pregnant and looking for a job, you are under no obligation to mention your pregnancy during job interviews. If you want to disclose your pregnancy for the sake of transparency, it’s best to wait until later in the hiring process.

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