Do you have an IT job interview coming up? Congratulations! This is the first step in your career development. However, to give you the best possible chance to land the job, you should prepare well for the interview. 

24 March 2023 • FED IT • 6 min


To help you, our IT recruiting firm delivers 7 of the most frequently asked questions when interviewing for an IT job as well as the best answers to those questions.

7 questions that may come up in an IT interview

Depending on the job you are applying for, the questions will obviously vary. However, these 7 questions are very likely to interest you.

To ace an IT job interview, it is very important to be well prepared, by anticipating but especially by knowing your professional background. This will help you be responsive and demonstrate your quick thinking. Keep in mind that the goal is always to prove your claims with concrete cases and examples from your career.

1. Tell us about yourself and your experience in the field of it

This question is probably asked to every IT job candidate. When asking this question, the employer wants to get a general idea of your practical experience in the IT field and understand who you are as an individual.

When you answer this question, start by introducing yourself then elaborate on your background and work experience in chronological order.

You should also make sure not to go to extremes when answering this question. Talking about your personal and professional strengths is encouraged. However, bragging or belittling yourself is not an effective job interview tactic. You need to sell yourself, of course, but always stay humble to avoid any arrogance.

2. Have you worked in agility on previous projects?

Employers ask this question to gain insight into your primary job responsibilities and daily tasks. This helps them determine if you have the relevant experience for the position and if you have a good understanding of agile IT practices. Agile is a process that facilitates efficient work and enables teams to quickly adapt to clients' requirements, making experience in this area a valuable asset.

To answer this question effectively, it's not enough to simply say yes or no, even though it may appear to be a closed question. If you have experience with agile practices, you should highlight how your previous work environment utilized this methodology and how you adapted to change. Additionally, you should discuss how your teams collaborated and succeeded in implementing agile methodologies, and provide specific case studies as evidence of your proficiency in working in an agile manner.

If you do not have direct experience with agile practices, it's important to communicate the benefits of this methodology in the IT industry and to discuss how you would adapt to it.

3. What are your favourite IT tools?

By asking this question during an IT interview, employers want to know about your level of use and your skills with regard to certain tools to ensure that you can perform the duties of the position to be filled. It also allows them to see what really interests you, so this is the time to show enthusiasm and justify your answer!

Answer this question honestly. The interviewer will not expect you to master all computer software and programming languages. However, they will want to see if you have some versatility and are able to potentially learn some new tools useful for the job.

4. How do you handle deadlines?

The IT recruiter needs to be reassured that you are reliable. For instance, if the company needs to complete projects for clients on a monthly basis, you should demonstrate how you can finish the work within that timeframe.

You can emphasize your actual skills, such as planning and prioritizing, and explain how you know how to concentrate on the most important elements and ensure their completion first. It's also essential to mention that you value communication with the team and will collaborate with them to make progress instead of working in isolation.

Additionally, if you wish, you may want to express your willingness to work overtime to accomplish goals or push yourself and the team to enhance strengths and overcome weaknesses. Providing examples of your experiences can reinforce your statements.

5. What is your data centre problem solving process?

Problem solving skills are a necessity for anyone working in IT. During a job interview, your potential employer will want to know how you would react in the event of an IT incident and whether you would be able to handle the pressure well.

If your interviewer asks this question, answer by clearly listing the different steps in your problem solving process. Consider using a real situation in which you had to use this method as an example to strengthen your answer.

The recruiter will be able to see your proactivity and your ability to foresee performance challenges.

6. How do you keep up with your technical knowledge?

In an IT job interview, you need to show your interest in the industry. This is the right interview question to do so.

The IT sector is advancing rapidly, as evidenced by the growing impact of artificial intelligence, so it's critical to stay informed. Therefore, you should describe to the interviewer how you stay up-to-date. You might want to mention what specifically interests you about the industry and whether you enjoy exploring new areas.

Just like cultural languages, computer languages require practice; if you have a gap in your skill set, it's crucial to prepare thoroughly because the recruiter will want to ensure that you haven't lost your knowledge.

7. How do you interact with other departments, it or not?

Working in IT means that you will likely have to work with several other departments, both IT and non-IT. For example, you may have to provide technical assistance to office staff, work in conjunction with storage specialists, etc.

An employer will want to know if you enjoy working in a team environment or if you are able to assist different users in solving IT problems. Show them your experience in this area and the skills you need to perform well in this area of your job. Teamwork is a good quality to showcase in IT interviews.

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