A key element in the IT process, the application support analyst's job is often difficult to summarize, as his varied tasks make him a versatile professional.

30 January 2023 • FED IT • 4 min

Analyste support applicatif salaire

How do you become an application support analyst and what is your salary? Our IT placement agency paints a picture of this misunderstood profession!

What does an application support analyst do?

The application support analyst is responsible for the maintenance and development of computer applications used by a company. They work closely with users to understand their needs and help them solve application-related problems.

They are also responsible for implementing new applications and updating existing ones. He operates much like a doctor: he listens, analyzes, and finds solutions to the symptoms described.

Application support: definition

The application support contains a customer service dimension that should not be neglected. The goal is to get as much information as possible from the customers in order to fix the application concerned and optimize the fluidity of use and the satisfaction of the users.

This support is beneficial for all types of users of the application, whether they are employees of the company, from the management team, but also the customers. Thus, an application support analyst can operate in many different companies that require the use of applications both internally and externally.

Difference between application support and IT support

Application support and IT support are two distinct disciplines. A junior profile may want to apply for one or the other. However, it is important to understand the difference.

The skills required are therefore not the same. Application support involves both technical and human support for customers, while IT support is more focused on the technical aspect.

Application support analyst responsibilities

In concrete terms, an application support analyst listens to user feedback, monitors the application, and remedies the problems detected through their analysis, but also the feedback received.

Depending on the company they work for, application support analysts may have other duties. The main responsibilities of the application support analyst include:

  • Listening to customers through various channels to address complaints, queries;
  • Identifying technical errors to improve the performance of the application in question;
  • Resolving incidents and problems related to the application;
  • Implementing new applications and updating existing applications alongside the engineers;
  • Participation in the design, implementation and optimization of business processes;
  • Participation in the management of projects related to the applications.

These varied tasks make the application support analyst a true Swiss Army knife who works alongside other IT jobs on a project like the software engineer.

Expected skills of the application support analyst

Because of their interaction with their team, customers, and management, as well as their responsibilities as analysts and technical resolution specialists, application support analysts must have a wide range of specialized skills. This may include technical knowledge:

  • Possess a strong background in computer science and application development;
  • Knowledge of operating systems and databases;
  • Mastery of certain programming languages such as SQL, HTML or Java;
  • Understand computer management software and analyze user needs.

In addition, interpersonal skills are required:

  • Understand users' needs and help them solve problems, doing so by being empathetic, approachable and trustworthy;
  • Work in a team and communicate effectively, being a good listener, reliable and mastering English and French at a very high level;
  • Manage projects and meet deadlines by being able to prioritize information and technical feedback.

What training is required for an application support analyst in Quebec?

Support jobs require a strong background in computer science. The most common degrees required to become one are a degree in computer science or software engineering, and work experience in the IT field is highly valued.

Also, IT certifications are a big plus in this profession.

Application support analyst salary

The salary of an application support analyst in Quebec can vary from $58,000 to $70,000 and more on an annual basis. It depends on the company for which the analyst will work, whether it is a small law firm or a large airline, for example.

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