With the digital revolution, the business community in Quebec is in the midst of a transition period. An increasing number of companies are turning to digital technologies to increase their productivity and remain competitive in their respective markets.

As a result, the demand for IT professionals continues to grow, despite a stable number of graduates in this field. Quebec's digital shift is therefore having an immediate impact on the IT labour shortage in more ways than one.

25 November 2019 • FED IT • 2 min


What is the digital shift?

As technological advances develop at an increasing pace, companies must adopt, integrate and appropriate digital technologies into their internal structures to ensure their sustainability. This shift is certainly beneficial to the organizations that adopt it, but it is greatly disrupting the IT sector in Quebec.

The IT labour shortage in Quebec: a major problem

The widespread adoption of the digital shift by Quebec companies in various sectors has consequences for the IT industry. The demand for IT professionals is currently outpacing what the industry can offer in terms of labour. 

While IT professionals and programmers were once mainly hired by IT companies, they are now in demand in a much wider variety of industries. Banks, communication agencies, insurance companies and many others have to share an insufficient number of certified IT professionals to develop their company's digital technologies.

According to ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) data, by 2021, 84% of IT jobs will be in sectors unrelated to this field of expertise. The problem is therefore not in the process of being solved on its own.

In search of IT students to address the labour shortage

With such a high demand, the school system cannot meet the needs of the IT industry. Each year in Quebec, approximately 3000 new IT graduates enter the job market, while 12,000 positions need to be filled annually. As a result, there is a significant shortage of approximately 9,000 jobs in the province.

Some solutions to the IT labour shortage

To address this shortage, several companies are looking to recruit from abroad. However, even though it can be cost-effective, recruiting IT professionals from abroad can also be particularly complex. You have to keep in mind the many steps involved in the integration process when you want to hire someone from another country (application for a work permit, insurance, housing, recognition of diplomas, integration...).

It is therefore very important to look at the situation and determine in advance whether recruiting from abroad is viable for your company, both financially and administratively.

A simpler and more efficient solution is to outsource the recruitment of IT specialists to an IT consulting firm. This option avoids any waste of time related to the recruitment process.

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