For many years and even more so now since the 2020 health crisis, businesses have been forced to go digital to appeal to the modern tech-saturated world.  

To do this, they need someone to take charge of the creation and development of their online business. This is where the webmaster profession comes in to play. This profession is currently going crazy, with companies hiring left, right and centre. It’s on track to be the most in demand IT job of 2022. Find out in this article if being a webmaster is the job for you!

14 July 2022 • FED IT • 5 min

métier webmestre

What is a webmaster?

The webmaster is responsible for creating websites. Also known as the web designer or web programmer, the webmaster uses their knowledge of computers and programming to build websites, considering their ergonomics, structures and designs.

What does a webmaster do?

A webmaster’s tasks mostly revolve around computer science and graphic design. It is vital that they know the ins and outs of the internet so that they can optimize websites to their maximum potentials.

However, that’s not the sole thing that they do. The best webmasters are multi-skilled and always remain on top of the following tasks:

  • Consider how to structure websites according to their fields of work 

  • Make links with related social network platforms

  • Administer websites

  • Update a site’s structure in line with feedback

  • Update a site’s content in partnership with the marketing teams

  • Manage stored documents

  • Work with the sales and marketing teams to complete tasks punctually and conduct follow ups

  • Continuously update a site according to new standards

  • Check the stability of websites

  • Ensure the smooth running of automatic operations (e.g. sending a weekly newsletter)

  • Work on the appearance of websites and their ergonomics

  • Manage the SEO and purchase of the domain name

  • Ensure a follow-up and a thorough analysis of website traffic to propose optimizations if necessary

What qualities does a webmaster need?

A good candidate for a webmaster position should be able to demonstrate the following essential qualities

  • Autonomy 

  • Responsibility 

  • Team work 

  • Flexibility to travel

  • Risk management

These qualities are essential to flourish in this role no matter what company you work for. It is recommended that you develop these qualities and consider how you will showcase them in an interview before applying for a job in the IT sector. This will help you ace the interview and save you and the employer time. 

What skills does a webmaster need?

As well as the qualities mentioned above, a webmaster candidate must also be able to demonstrate several key skills during an interview. 

We have split these skills into two categories below: those specific to the webmaster role and those that are more general and cross-disciplinary. 

Specific webmaster skills

All webmaster job adverts will ask to see evidence of the following specific webmaster skills. Therefore, it’s important to possess as many of them as possible to succeed as a webmaster.

  • Ability to understand the operations and structure of a company

  • Excellent knowledge of progamming

  • Aware of all website regulations

  • Website creation and development 

  • Ability to estimate time needed to design a website or webpage

  • Database management 

  • Mastery of image processing and office automation tools

  • Understanding of the different computer programming languages

  • Keeping up to date with business trends

  • Ability to analyse results

  • Site auditing

Cross-disciplinary skills

In addition to these highly sought-after IT skills, there are also more general skills that will allow you to excel in a webmaster role. The following list of skills contains many desirable attributes to showcase during a job interview. Note that this isn’t an exhaustive list.

  • Creativity

  • Innovation 

  • Proactivity

  • Curiosity

  • Team player 

  • Adaptability

  • Organization

  • Bilingual (French and English)

How to become a webmaster

There are many different paths to becoming a webmaster. For instance, you can apply for this role if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or an Attestation of College Studies (AEC) in programming or web design and development.

Today, lots of webmaster candidates don’t even have a university degree. They may have alternatively acquired recognized certifications through distance learning or through teaching themselves how to code

Any type of training is a bonus and serves to enhance your professional experience. If you have previous experience in a similar role or domain, that you’ve perhaps gained during your studies or free time, make sure to mention it in your CV and cover letter. Many people have qualifications but having relevant experience will make you stand out!

What is a webmaster’s salary in Quebec?

At the start of their career, a webmaster will earn on average $18-$20 per hour, equating to $45 000 per year. They can expect this salary to increase over the years as they gain more experience. The average salary of a webmaster is similar to that of most IT professions. It may nevertheless vary according to geographic location, company size and level of responsibility. 

When applying for a webmaster role, we advise that you negotiate your salary based on your skillset and prior experience. This could involve negotiating your working arrangements and social benefits as well. 

Fed IT can help you find a webmaster job

Being a webmaster is a demanding, multi-skilled job. It requires a wide range of skills and qualities that you should bring up during a job interview.

The prospects for employment, remuneration and development are growing rapidly as this job is now an essential part of the business sector. 

To get the job you've set your heart on, get help from an IT recruitment agency like us. If you’re already set to apply, feel free to consult our related job offers and send your applications off today!