Do you like problems? Better yet, do you like looking for problems? Do it on the job and become a software tester. 😊

25 March 2024 • FED IT • 5 min

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On a more serious note, our IT recruiters tell you more about this quality-guaranteeing, business-critical profession.

QA tester: definition

A quality assurance tester (QA) or software tester is a professional responsible for checking and validating the quality and functionality of software before deployment. Their main role is to detect any defects, bugs or anomalies in the software, using a variety of testing techniques, including functional testing, performance testing, security testing and so on.

Quality testers work closely with developers to ensure that identified problems are resolved and that the final product meets quality standards and specified requirements.

QA roles and responsibilities in software testing

As their job title suggests, software testers design and run tests to evaluate software performance.  They guarantee the quality and reliability of software before it is deployed. To do this, they perform a number of tasks.

  • Requirements analysis - The software tester examines the software's specifications and requirements to understand its functionality and expected behavior.
  • Test planning - They draw up detailed test plans, defining the different test approaches, strategies and scenarios to be followed to cover all the software's functionalities.
  • Designing test cases - On the basis of the specifications, he creates precise and exhaustive test cases to verify each software feature, including normal cases as well as boundary and error cases.
  • Test execution - The software tester executes the test cases according to the established plan, identifying and recording test results, including any defects, bugs or anomalies encountered.
  • Debugging and reporting anomalies - When an anomaly is detected, he or she carefully documents it, providing details of its reproduction, impact and criticality, then reports it to the developers so they can correct it.
  • Collaboration with the development team - The tester works closely with the developers and analysts to understand the problems identified, help them reproduce and resolve them, while ensuring effective communication to guarantee software quality.
  • Regression testing - After each modification or update to the software, the tester performs regression tests to check that existing functionality has not been affected by the changes made.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - In some cases, the tester may also coordinate UATs with customers or end-users to ensure that the software meets their needs and expectations.
  • Continuous improvement of the testing process - Finally, the software tester participates in the continuous improvement of testing processes by providing feedback, offering suggestions for improvement and adopting new testing methodologies and tools.

Software testers may work for IT companies or specialize in software development for third parties. They may also be employed by large companies that develop their own software in-house.

Skills required for a software tester

Here are the main IT skills and qualities a software tester should possess:

  • Knowledge of software test design techniques;
  • Knowledge of software development methods;
  • Know the different software development models and understand their life cycles;
  • Analytical and synthesizing skills;
  • Good organizational skills and sense of responsibility;
  • Autonomous;
  • Enjoy teamwork;
  • Bilingualism (French/English).

The QA tester is a very rigorous IT job. If you don't have a sharp eye and aren't demanding enough, you could be failing in your duties.

Software tester/QA tester education requirements

To work as a software tester in Quebec, also known as a QA tester, it's a good idea to have post-secondary training in computer science, software engineering or any other program related to computer development.

Most companies will look to hire a candidate with a DEC or BAC in one of these fields, but some may also require the employee to hold a Master's degree. In some cases, a certificate in this field may also be sufficient to land a job as a software tester.

If you've had a previous job as a developer, such as a full-stack developer, companies can hire you and train you on the job, as long as you have solid skills and are determined to learn fast.

There are also recognized IT certifications in the software testing field, such as ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board), which offers different levels of certification for software testing professionals.

Salary of a QA tester

The average salary range for the software tester profession starts at around $50,000 for a junior profile and can go up to $70,000 for a more experienced specialist.

Since jobs in application and software development are in constant demand, software testers will have no worries about staying on. So, if you're interested in embarking on this career path, your chances of landing a job are excellent if you meet all the required criteria.

Find a job as a software tester with Fed IT consultants

Software testing is certainly a profession with a bright future in Quebec. Not only are the prospects for this job excellent, but it also offers great career opportunities in the IT sector.

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