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16 June 2021 • FED IT • 3 min


DevOps Engineer: job definition and role

Let’s start by defining “DevOps.” DevOps is an IT term that blends “development” and “operations” and covers a set of lean and agile practices. People who work in DevOps act as a sort of bridge between development teams and system and network administrators.

A DevOps engineer's job is to look at various aspects of development and operations in order to optimize and streamline IT production cycles and ensure that IT products perform well.

A DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities may include the following tasks:

  • Taking care of IT infrastructure deployment, operation and support
  • Developing software testing protocols in collaboration with a company's quality assurance department
  • Running regular software tests in collaboration with hardware engineers
  • Establishing a methodology that optimizes systems development life cycles
  • Monitoring metrics related to software operations and production quality

Skills and aptitudes needed for the profession

Most DevOps specialists are professionals with a background in development or systems administration who are interested in development support. They generally have a wide variety of skills and aptitudes that make them well-suited for this management role.

These skills and aptitudes include:

  • Strong math, science and computer skills
  • Technical drawing and assembly drawing abilities
  • Knowledge of technologies related to DevOps (Cloud architecture, GitOps, scripting, database configuration, information flow configuration, etc.)
  • Familiarity with cybersecurity and systems development life cycles
  • Knowledge of agile methodology
  • Independence and initiative
  • Creativity with designing and optimizing production cycles to meet customer needs
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Education needed to become a DevOps engineer

Since most DevOps engineers work elsewhere in the IT field first, accumulating experience and skills before switching to DevOps, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific education path that leads to the profession.

As mentioned above, many developers choose to become DevOps engineers. Therefore, in Quebec, a CEGEP DEC or university degree in computer science could be a useful step towards eventually working in DevOps.

However, DevOps engineers must keep up to date on advances in the field by undergoing professional development training throughout their career.

Salary and job prospects for DevOps engineers

The salary of a DevOps engineer varies depending on their years of experience and their employer’s line of business. For an entry-level position, the salary is generally between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. With more years of experience, a DevOps engineer’s income can reach $100,000 to $120,000 per year. In Quebec, the average salary for the profession is $70,000.

In terms of job prospects, DevOps engineers are increasingly in demand in Quebec. Young IT professionals who want a career in DevOps should be able to find a position fairly easily.

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